Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar lesson Brad Paisley inspired build melody patterns Whiskey Lullaby style – click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level
Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar lesson Brad Paisley inspired build melody patterns Whiskey Lullaby style

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  1. dude it doesn't match with the song or maybe your guitar is not tuned well ??

  2. It's sooooooooo hard!!

  3. Dude your fucking awesome I am just beginning and I haven't seen any videos on picking very helpful thank u . 

  4. Having hard time playing the lead and cord at the same time csn you explain a little more. Thanks ….

  5. Sounds terrific brother! I hate how easy you make it look haha

  6. dont try to be over smart …. ashhole -_-

  7. Thanks so much for all of your videos. I'm still catching up with a lot of them.

  8. here without you!!!!!!!!! if i got that right…
    anyways awsome tutoriallll maan!! loved it …!

  9. Dude you look like a tall wee man!

  10. Regina Tasya Maharani

    can anyone share the fingerpicking pattern of this lesson?

  11. Vin Diesel? Is that you?

  12. Яков Морозов

    G SUS! You're not only awesome at shredding, riffs and heavy stuff, but also at acoustic things! ….AND you look like a UFC fighter.

  13. Dude great teacher, I understood everything you said I just suck!

  14. you are my insipiration

  15. MrSpongeBobfatpants

    @ zR3aper Seemed pretty clear to me. Did you even attempt to play it? Maybe you should watch again, particularly starting from about 2;10 thru 4 or 5 min mark or so. Pay attention to the annotated tab too.

    Awesome lesson nextlevel !!!

  16. That video was just frustrating. It sounded great! And I really wanted to learn it but then you never made it clear what strings to pick! You started with 2,3,4 then that was it?? You then just rambled on.

    If you broke it all down it would make much more accessible for people like me who are not very good but still want to learn good tunes.

  17. voodooblueskid

    download ad block plus

  18. i like thiss

  19. very nice

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