Acoustic Guitar Embellishment Lesson Using Major Pentatonic Scale

Major Pentatonic Course:

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I love this technique and it’s really versatile! Thanks again for supporting MartyMusic!

rock on,
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  1. Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic" You can check out my "Major Pentatonic Course" right HERE:

  2. Can you plz do money for nothing by dire straits and walk all over you by acdc

  3. Shaantanu Mahajan

    do the new twenty one pilots songs pleaseee

  4. Chetan Gachhadar

    plz teach us to play aaja bahon me(arabian version)

  5. TN outdoors Bowers222

    Can you do no sleep till Brooklyn

  6. xXLegit PPV ProductionsXx

    I have a request!
    Hole-Doll Parts, Nirvana-Milk It

  7. Marty still waiting for the hotel California solo

  8. These tutorials really help

  9. Can you do Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs??

  10. francesco grecucci

    Can you do a guitar lesson for
    "Dance of death" of iron maidens?
    There aren't any lesson on the tube
    Anyway good job man I appreciate your hard work 🙂

  11. can you do Spank Thru by Nirvana?

  12. If I read a novel with a character named Marty Schwartz you look exactly how I would envision a Marty Schwartz. Keep up the good work and thanks. Cheers!

  13. Can you do a Guitar lesson on dead and gone by reckless ones?? Please

  14. Please can you do a tutorial on Every Breath You Take by The Police. You are my go to guitar tuturial channel and it doesn't look like you have this tutorial. Every where else I look, I am unsatisfied by the content as it is unlike your wonderful easy goingness and great teaching. Thanks!

  15. Can you teach how to play hopeless wanderer by Mumford and sons

  16. Could you do a tutorial for homecoming by green day?

  17. Can you teach Aneruysm by Nirvana

  18. Australian made

    I think no one will truly learn how to play the guitar because there is so much more to learn then just chords but you can learn the art and thank you Marty Schwartz for teaching us the art of guitar.

  19. Acoustic is truth.

  20. Hey Marty I was wondering if you could do Tyler Childers or Cody jinx

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