Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Tremelo Technique Guitar Lesson

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In this free acoustic guitar video lesson, we will take a look at the classical guitar technique of tremelo.

Now don’t think you have to be a classical guitarist to use this. It will work fantastic for every style of guitar. I just happens to be used mostly by classical guitarists since there are some beautiful classical guitar pieces that use the tremelo technique from beginning to end.

I began this video lesson with a little demonstration of what can be done with the tremelo technique by playing the beginning of a piece called Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Memories of the Alhambra) by Francisco Tárrega. I suggest checking out the complete piece. I may even do full video lesson on it if enough people request it. 😀

Be sure to play close attention to the evenness of the melody line notes. In the video I demosntrate a quick little practice technique that you can use that will get the timing down a lot easier. Even though this technique does require a bit of speed to give the intended illusion of an sustained melody note, you should definitely start out slow when first studying the technique. Then, gradually build up speed followed by learning a complete piece of music using the tremelo technique.

But don’t stop there! Try and write your own music using this techniuqe, it can be a very inspiring method of writing.

Don’t forget to downalod the TAB PDF that goes along with this video lesson from the link below.

Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Tremelo Technique Lesson

Have fun and take your time while getting the timing of this technique nailed.

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  1. Thank you, my tremolo wasn't progressing at all but I cut my nails and realised how much easier it is. Good tutorial video!

  2. Liked & Subbed! Very clearly explained now I feel comfortable in my practice techniques!

  3. do you need finger nails for this to sound good? cuz i cant seem to get a clear sound

  4. Ngarukiye Daniel


    how can i find
    the part 2of this lesson ?

    thank you

  5. I wonder how long this takes. I've been doing this exercise about 5 min a day for 2 weeks now, I've seen improvement, but progress is slow. Any tips.

  6. Thanks 🙂

  7. Sebastian Toledo


  8. hi, thanks for the great lessons, I was wondering why you start the tremolo with the ring finger and not the index. feels like it should be the other way round to me, should i break my growing habit and learn ring finger to index or does it not matter, thanks for any advice

  9. very nice

  10. Great lesson! I wish you had commented on the angle of the right wrist and your opinion on using the pinky as an anchor or "post" while playing. Do you think it hinders the right hand technique in any way? No on ever talks about the pinky.

  11. you're a good teacher man!

    lotta people rush to much or are too slow when teaching a song. you did this with perfect pace

  12. I really appreciate your effort guys. Tks a lot. Btw could you include the chords' names too so we could know what chord you are playing pls?

  13. thank's very much..
    Very Nice Video.. Big Help..

  14. Did you ever complete the lesson fo de la alhambra ?

  15. How does it feel to finger pick on a steel string guitar rather than a nylon?

  16. it is tremOlo , not trémelo.

  17. GuitarLessons365

    Yep, and I will be teaching it in full on the website within the next 2-3 weeks. 🙂

  18. is that recuerdos de la alhambra in the begining

  19. Jovan Jovanović

    @GuitarLessons365 Thanks man !

  20. GuitarLessons365

    @Zaklopacina Yeah I think I will be teaching the entire song within the next couple of weeks. I will include the TAB for it as well. Look for it soon! Cheers! Carl..

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