Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drop D Tuning – Chords – Rhythm Ideas – EASY

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Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drop D Tuning – Chords – Rhythm Ideas – EASY Marty Schwartz Brett Papa papastache youcanlearnguitar Martyzsongs Guitarjamz
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  1. once again great stuff from you, thanks man.For your very good explenations

  2. Who are these random dudes accusing him of being off or lacking of something? He's crazy good lol. For some who think he plays too fast, it means you're not ready to play this. Nor am I. But at least I understand though I can't follow his fingers. You need to study music to play well. Otherwise, you will remain as a so so guitar player no matter what you do.
    Anyway good job dude.

  3. Hey buddy, could I make a request? I can write some great songs, but they always lack something. Could you make a song in this style or scale and show how you came up withe your progressions frome verse to bridge to chorus etc? Thats my downfall, so many great unfinished songs because they're missing parts.

  4. The "wicka wicka whick" almost makes me wanna click the links! I atleast subscribed 🙂 I like when you play as much as you speak(more preferably). Thats what other vids lack. Too many videos for beginners, I watch these for ideas and inspiration. And you have an interesting style.

  5. magistral,,, pura magia

  6. Hey thank you so much for this lesson. My bother passed away a little over a week ago and going to play Go Rest High On That Mountain at his Memorial this weekend and so i'm using some of these ideas and it's making the song come alive. plus the drop d tuning is making it easier for me to sing. I just do a few hammer-ons and pull offs between each chord and it's sounding great. it's helped me to play better too, thanks again for the lesson. Scott Rainwater

  7. …and your playing it way to fast

  8. Winnie And The Rockettes

    This isnt a drop D :/

  9. decent enough lesson but really no need for the 'i'm mad me' type presentation. Very annoying.

  10. Aggelos Koronias

    That 000-18 tho… Jeez… Amazing guitar. Well done bro. Nice vid!

  11. Funny, by the thumbnail I couldn't tell if it was you but I knew it was just by the guitar. Papastache!!!!!

  12. do you use heavy strings?

  13. +youcanlearnguitar This is not D, this is C#. Good video though.

  14. So may I have some of what your smoking?

  15. that intro tho

  16. your timings way out dude

  17. So you did this whole video with your guitar a half step down?

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