Acoustic Guitar Lesson EZ Blues Scale In E

Acoustic Guitar Lesson EZ Blues Scale In E

Learn the Blues scale in E minor here, the absolute foundation of most rock guitar riffs and solos are found in this simple, yet effective, string of notes.
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  1. Great video!

  2. wow wow u are a awesome teacher

  3. Man, this is so cool. I've practising for weeks, first time I've done something where it just feels and sounds cool 😀

  4. Good work .

  5. Thanks a lot man.

  6. Great lesson, Thanks!

  7. Love Scales a lot. They are so versitial and allows the creative mind to explore

  8. finally an easy great vid to learn off! keep up the great vids!

  9. thanks. this gave me about 2 hours of bliss.

  10. That was great!! thanks.

  11. Thanks. Easy to do and fun. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  12. dude you are one great teacher

  13. Like, thanks man!!!

  14. not true, all the lessons on my site are FREE, you went to the wrong site, dud

  15. Your teaching method is no doubt absolutely perfect.
    I had lost my confident and I got it back again after following some of your lessons. I love my guitar now!!!!!!

  16. thanks, that sounds really cool

  17. you have a great personality for teachin guitar,that's got to be the perfect job…

  18. Thanks for the lesson.

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