Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Flat Picking – Country and Folk Style Lead Guitar Lesson

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  1. can we get the tab for the intro?

  2. Ahaha! This guy is gotta be joking. He's really out of time. I thought I was gonna learn something here.
    That's embarrassing

  3. I've been watching Marty Schwartz for like 8 years wtf?

  4. you"re awesome

  5. Nice backdrop. No breeze!

  6. I need to do that !!!!!

  7. simply put.. you are the man! thank you for the lesson

  8. Carlo Maximilian Engeländer

    I see big stones in his eyes

  9. Carlo Maximilian Engeländer

    I see big stones in his eyes

  10. Marty, Have you any DVDs that concentrate on this style of playing. If you do can you link them too me as i would definitely buy them?

  11. Hello,
    What kind of stomp box are you using to bring in your backing tracks?
    Thanks, Robert

  12. hmm you r guitar sounds strange  kind of Not alive , more like stiff and dead sound . hmmm may be me 🙂 ..but .thanks . 

  13. I love Mary's personality!! It makes the lesson fun.

  14. great lesson. i couldn't find the second part on your web site though.

  15. I've been playing over 20 years but never attempted country, I feel like a beginner trying to make it sound country when I'm so used to blues n rock. This video helped tho

  16. super good lesson man… easy to pick it up the way you explained it

  17. That guitar has a real nice tone to it, what's the make and model?

  18. Владислав Александрович


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