acoustic guitar lesson – funk groove on acoustic – acoustafunk

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  1. 4:46 he got me omq lel

  2. She Got Helicopters

    wtf @ 8:48 … sounded flat

  3. Am I the only one who still hasn't grasped the strumming pattern yet?? Finding it very difficult :((

  4. This guy is great for guitar lessons!!!! I have watched several of his videos, helped me out!!!!

  5. That E9 and E13 great sound

  6. O.K. so it's official ,i'm naming my first born after you Marty!!!Thanks again,you keep it sooo motivating and also giving some theory in there!!Peace Bros.!!

  7. you're such a good tutor Marty! Have taught me a lot of interesting things the last few days and now I can't put down my guitar :)

  8. Where could I find martyr Marty's ,music? 

  9. ExST C (UnderThoseCovers)

    Hell yea! Definitely going to incorporate this into my daily training. Muchos gracias sir :D

  10. Now bust a move 

  11. Hi there, can you make a video how to play: another day from Jamie lidell?


  12. Are there any video links by Marty that go further into this?  Maybe some more funky acoustic shapes like that.

    You're a fab teacher, Marty!

  13. Marty I love the grove but can you slow this portion down

  14. nice Marty….thank you

  15. please do a lesson sound of silence by simon and garfunkel 

  16.  vaya ojos ke tienes de fumar porros tio !!!! don´t smoke joints before the show mate !

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