Acoustic Guitar Lesson: G Ballad

For tabs: This video lesson covers the chords and strum patterns for G Ballad.

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  1. great explanation

  2. Sebastian Lehnert

    Reminds me also of The Verve´s Lucky man. Great stuff! Thanks so much!

  3. so this is where knockin' on heaven's door came from…

  4. 240p we meet again

  5. Cool lesson.

  6. Francesca McAndrew

    thanks a lot

  7. the Am strum pattern he gives is D,D,D,U,U,D,D,U,D,U

  8. Francesca McAndrew

    I'm a beginner, I get the D,D,D,U,D but having trouble with the D,D,U,U,D,D,U,D -is that correct?

  9. This is Knocking on heavens door by Bob Dylan =d Sort of.

  10. jajajaj es knockin on heavens door

  11. peter is so cool

  12. lIIlIIlIIlIIl lIIlIIlIIlIIl

    peter rocks

  13. your my hero too!! Guitar Hero !!! lol,,,,seriously though,Thank you!

  14. what do you smoke? xD

  15. good ears..;)

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