acoustic guitar lesson – Grateful Dead – how to play Friend of the Devil – easy beginner songs

Free chord Ebook here
Guitar lesson, learn how to play friend of the devil on guitar. easy beginner guitar songs.


  1. Thank you man! great job. loved it

  2. Thank you! great lesson

  3. 마티 형! 그랫풀댓 고마워요…대박잇!

  4. Thanks for putting this up!

  5. very nice marty….just another song you nailed….you ROCK

  6. you look a lot like marty shwartz and have the same name weird

  7. Marty, your the best! Thank You.

  8. Richard Erdelyi

    Thanks for the lesson
    A friend indeed

  9. Wow this song ended up being a lot easier than I was expecting!!! Thanks!

  10. DUDDDE why don't you use this background anymore…straight fire

  11. Great lesson!

  12. Great lesson, Man.

  13. Very nice tutorial. Thanks!

  14. Marty How about a full Dead Inspired DVD set?? 🙂 Peace brother

  15. Excellent teaching, you have taught me alot but if u put in the words would help a lot more

  16. Thanks for the lesson, but it doesn't sound like the dead play the Am twice.

  17. btw i feel like i know this dude from somewhere…maybe dead lot (~};)

  18. Great instruction bro….followed along nicely…WISH YOUD SLOW DOWN THAT LITTLE SOLO LICK YOU DID AT THE END…I GOT ABOUT HAVE OF IT BUT LOST AFTER THAT!!! lol anyway thanx man

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