Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Harmonics

Lesson on natural and artificial harmonics on acoustic guitar. For the full article, please visit
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  1. this helps, thanks a lot man!

  2. Got it in 1 minute!

  3. No. Watch the video and pay attention.

  4. do you touch the stings then release

  5. Got it in like… 4 minutes and 14 seconds. Wow.

  6. So you could only play those between 5th, 7th & 12th fret?

  7. Thank you so mutch !

  8. learning is great :B

  9. @ffmarkm yes

  10. You are good at picking wth the right hand while fingering a harmonic. I can't quite get it!

  11. @vasilispol16 Wraios

  12. To play thes harmics should you finger actually touch the string ?

  13. Awesome video! Good camera angles to where I could see where you were picking at.

  14. Payador Perseguido

    Thanks, helped me greatly =D

  15. ty so much —- it really helped and your a very good teacher

  16. Thank you so much, usually I have to watch about 5 videos to get it down because they aren't very descriptive, but I got this right away! Thank you!

  17. pontepolentepontepi

    Great lesson !!!
    Grazie 🙂

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