Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play “Home Sweet Home” – Motley Crue – Carie Underwood

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  1. Thanks – awesome

  2. tone for the guitar 1 string pleace

  3. I've seen lots of covers but few lessons. Could you give a lesson on Hard Luck Woman?

  4. Do a finger style melody tablature video

  5. Michelle pashaev

    who else is sick of barre chords?

  6. Great lesson! I think the chords are actually C – Cmaj7 – C7 – F – for the verses. Again, great lesson though!

  7. Any song played by you seems to be to easy… the reality is that is not, anyway Im still trying hard.

  8. Agustin Aragon Tercero mexicali

    excellent thanks

  9. brianrosemusician

    Do you have a Twitter account?

  10. i want to lern the solo

  11. seems to me this is much easier to play with drop 1/2 step tuning. D F# D7 G

  12. C'mon Marty! WooWhoop!

  13. Marty can you teach Spanish caravan by the doors please thank you

  14. Even Marty messes up sometime, while transposing this to lyrics on  word doc I was using Jguitar to get chords / finger positions.. what Marty is calling a Bb is actually a A# Major  {x 1 3 3 3 x}  just hope this helps out.

  15. Marty Crue!

  16. hey marty make guitar lesson for sixx am girl with golden eyes and accident can happen also gnr chinese democracy if you can and if you can do a alice in chains rythem guitar lesson on alice in chains voices

  17. do a lesson on the original and the solo

  18. What tuning is that on

  19. How about a "don't go away mad" acoustic lesson?

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