acoustic guitar lesson – how to play rocket man – elton john – easy beginner guitar songs

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Guitar lesson, how to play rocket man. learn guitar, easy guitar lesson
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  1. it is helping

  2. Marty .. I heard this song in my car today and had to learn it. killer video as always. me and you jam together all the time man. I appreciate your work . thanks again

  3. Love you Marty!!

  4. Lee Richards Unplugged

    best teacher on youtube. cheers pal

  5. Thanks man!!

  6. Thanks for this! Do you ever do an E7 instead of the Em?

  7. I just wanted to learn that song quick tonight and you did it for me, thanks! Got it now.

  8. nice job Marty, when it comes to teaching guitar, you are the master. thanks.

  9. Thank you so much that was amazing God bless you man

  10. Damn you! thanks for all your vids bud, you've really helped me out! Especially this song, i'm just up all night playing it over and over again! Muchos gracias!!

  11. Song was stuck in my head after watching Califonication, thanks Marty!

  12. sounds alot like breathe, by pink floyd

  13. let's see:  I love rockets.  I love my guitars.  I really like this EJ song.  Now I can play this song and fly my rockets while playing this song on my guitar and all will be good.  yes, I am very serious about this.  thanks, Marty!

  14. i love every thing that you have done….. to help me …… sorry but this lesson sucks..!!!!!!! try again….?

  15. Marty, thank you so much! Your relaxed teaching method is helping me tremendously to learn to play my favorite songs!

  16. Chris Marshall-Unitt

    Nice one, great lesson mate – nicely broken down and made easy

  17. Man, I hadn't picked up my guitar in years… you just made me want to sit and play.
    You're one hell of a teacher! THANKS!!

  18. Marty watching your channel makes me watch more californication loblolly

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