acoustic guitar lesson – how to play running down a dream – tom petty – easy beginner songs

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Guitar lesson, how to play running down a dream. learn guitar easy guitar lesson
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  1. Sorry but isn't the chorus D G E – E G A?

  2. You’re the man marty

  3. Bodega cargo express envíos a RD

    Is this person taking Marty's vids or is this supost to be his "old" channel idk

  4. Gotta learn this… Tribute to the late great Tom Petty.  Thank you Marty.

  5. Thanks man! helps alot.

  6. I love the ending of this vid !!

  7. Guillote Maldonado

    Thanks. Great lesson.

  8. thank you good vid m8

  9. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT 😀 Thanks Marty

  10. Hey Marty can you play that first riff holding a E chord so you don,t have to run up the neck. Like open E  A 2 A 1  x A xE  & 3 E  its the same notes E B A#  A E G ??? One of your students 

  11. Thank man .  I love this song .  It took me a bit to learn .  Its a bit fast but I got it .   I sit on my front porch with my Taylor GS  Mini and play it .  lol   

  12. If u wanna play it properly….. DGE EGA DGE EGA AGE. For the chorus….. And don't be in a hurry to grab that E after the riff….. Jus sayin. Marty mc flyin…

  13. Just want to say Thank you Again !!!!!

  14. Great beginner song, my first one that I could really play

  15. Kreszentia Bichlmaier

    This was a lot of fun. I play piano, not guitar, more's the pity, but I learned a lot here. Thank you!

  16. Thnk youre not 😀

  17. So what? 😀

  18. lol your guitar has hair 😀

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