Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Incubus – Drive simple song

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Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Incubus – Drive simple song
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  1. you know how he strums the first two strings of the first chord? I feel like that continues at least for the 1st string in the chords that follow. what it does too, is it give you a extra split second to get the rest of your fingers down. which, for beginners is huge.

    great video though I wanted to make sure I was playing it right and we are using yhe same chords so that's good to know.

    I was a bit of a prodigy at guitar when I was 12. had only been playing for 1 year and was playing out at bars with my dad's band Monkey See. ended up quitting in high school for no good reason. I'm 23 now and just picking it back up. these videos are a life saver for my old rusty ears and my hatred for reading tabs

  2. You Rock!

  3. Amazing Marty, made it so simple, thanks!


    The numbers shown on the video are wrong for the c maj 7 chord. It shows x 3 5 4 5 3. But you say it is x 3 5 4 5 5.

  5. thanks a lot, excellent explanation!

  6. catrina castillo

    Good teacher ..

  7. Rakatani Contento

    Cmaj7 to a7 what's the strum pattern

  8. Matthew Maldonado

    Thanks marty for the great lesson 

  9. best tutorial I've seen for this song thank you

  10. ranaldo mcsancho

    Thanks Marty, hat really helped. Um, next time though, a better camera would help.

  11. courtney peters

    thank you :)

  12. Love the song…. Great video! Thanks!!

  13. Pazeko Bloodthirster

    please tell me the strumming pattern on the water over wine part

  14. Hollywood101283

    thank you, sounds great!

  15. not that simple,or me a dum dum?

  16. Thank you for this! As a beginner these breakdowns are an immense help!

  17. I have a question, a really noob question, but I want to make sure before I start practicing 1 minute changes. For Emin9 do you mute both the e strings or just skip them, I used to think the X's just meant you had to skip them but I am not sure anymore. So do you just strum B, G, D, A or strum all of them and mute the E strings. Same question for A minor 7, appreciate any help.

  18. Peter Fletcher

    Thanks dude…

  19. Michael Redd Twenty Two

    Thanks for this mate. Your a guitar vet

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