Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson – Taylor super simple song

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Jack Johnson - Taylor super simple song

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Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson – Taylor super simple song
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  1. Thanks Marty! You rock, literally… super simple song? lol

    Been practicing for a few years and your video's are tops in my list. Thank you!!

  2. Damn that e-string pulloff giving my pointn finger a nice blister

  3. Mateo Zorraquin

    why was john lock at the begining of this viedo?

  4. uh wow.

  5. Thanks Brothan – You're making guitar fun again for me!

  6. MARTY! huge thank you, I use your videos all the time. it's amazing the knowledge of music you continue to spread. you are great sir

  7. Philip Hürzeler

    could you once do interlude from little simz feat bibi bourelly?
    would be awesome!

  8. are you high when you do this vid? you look uneasy and its hard to follow because you yourself seems don't know what you're doing. you keep on looking at the tab! go sleep, you need to rest. peace!

  9. Cheers for this!

  10. Playing this at half speed is a trip. 4:42

  11. How about Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson?

  12. I have pretty small hands so i use my pinky to play most things involving a 1st fret to 3rd fret jump makes things much easier especially to play it fast enough to sound right. 🙂

  13. Can you do a very detailed lesson, as you do already very well, for the song "Lady in White", "Feeling Alright" and "Closer I get" all sung by REBELUTION

  14. Fucking Christ load

  15. Obrigado, você é um bom professor.

  16. u da man!

  17. 3:34 paused dont give me doggie evils hahahahahahahhaha

  18. PLEASE CAN YOU DO A VIDEO FOR 'NO OTHER WAY'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. strawterryshortcake

    loove the LOST pictures at the beginning! 

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