acoustic guitar lesson – learn to play blackbird – beatles – easy beginner songs

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Guitar lesson, how to play blackbird learn guitar easy guitar lesson
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  1. This has been really helpful for me. The whole reason i wanted to start guitar again was because i wanted to play this song. For anyone looking, i wrote down the frets and cords which follow as
    3eb, a1b, 2a3b, 10a12b (2 "rif" sets), 3a5b, 7a8b, 5a7b, 9a10b, 7a8b ("rif"), 6a8b ("rif"), 5a7b ("rif"), 7a8b, 3a5b ("rif"), 3a4b ("rif"), 2a3b ("rif"), a2b ("rif"), a1b ("rif"), 3eb

  2. This was super helpful, thanks 🙂

  3. Lucky for us guitar mortals you have the gift of knowing how to teach.

  4. This isn't so beginner after all, but I got the hang of it and I'll be back tomorrow to master it 🙂

  5. You STOLE this video from Marty.

  6. Marty is the best!!!

  7. SOMEONE please explain 3:11 through 3:38

  8. Really helpful and accessible – thank you. You're a good man!

  9. Chuck Stockdale

    Awesome piece Marty. My new favorite riff…..

  10. Thanks much Marty!

  11. Thanks Marty , nice breakdown of this song. I always wanted to learn this.

  12. My grandfather plays this song on his Martin all the time. I figured it would make him happy if i learned how to play it too. It was really easy to follow, thanks for the lesson!

  13. I already knew how to play this song but I came to watch because I like his videos and part of mine wasn't sounding correct. Thanks Marty!

  14. Mart the fart, thanks man

  15. Super easy to follow. You are fantastic teacher! thank you sooooo much for doing this video.

  16. PasteyWhiteboy

    After watching the video I can now play it, I'm coming to the end of my beginner days now, Marty you the man

  17. Marty, your the reason I progress in guitar, as of now I have been playing for 1.5 years and never once had a lesson and I know now 15 songs 13 of them you taught me, thank u and what u do for the guitar community highly appreciated

  18. Thanks Marty! was just about to give up on learning this song because the tab I was using was too difficult for me, but then I saw your tutorial I got a grasp on it in about half and hour! Its awesome how you are one of those people who take the time to explain things carefully. Keep it up dude, I love your videos!

  19. Thanks Marty, great lesson 🙂

  20. I thought this song would be pretty tricky to learn, turns out it was easy especially with steps like this 🙂 you da man Marty , I got it within about an hour, had to work on the last bit the most though, eventually got it 🙂 Now I can add it to my list of songs I can play on guitar 🙂 Wonder wall, ironman , batman, smoke on the water,last part of under the bridge literally the last haha.

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