acoustic guitar lesson lynyrd skynyrd tuesdays gone

acoustic guitar lesson while my dog KOKO walks around
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  1. Hey!!…CoCo!

  2. chicka chicka boooom

  3. boom chika chika boom. love it

  4. chika chika boom

  5. i like ur dog

  6. Thanks-good teacher! Love the chickaboom stuff.Love yer boxer too!

  7. That's a pretty boxer

  8. Thanks

  9. @FallingDownElevators yea my girl passed also,i think of her often

  10. FallingDownElevators

    Thanks for the video and beautiful Boxer, reminds me of mine who passed way

  11. I like your puppy.

    Boom chicka Boom

  12. @indicafinneran sorry i think it was tuned 1/2 a step

  13. the dog is so cute 🙂

  14. Ron Korzeniewski Jr.

    CoaCoa looks good bro 🙂

  15. Oh yes i am gonna learn this and your dog is so cute sitting there just listening..

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