Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Michael Hedges-style Lesson

Acoustic Guitar contributing editor Doug Young teaches a lesson on playing in the style of fingerstyle legend Michael Hedges. For more info, please visit
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  1. The real tune is CCDGAD

  2. Thank you, I learned something new.

  3. Actually, I was wrong, Michael does use double drop D on a vocal tune called "Running Blind"

  4. Also, I mean, I can't play 100% of Michael's music, but I can play 90%, and I can't find a tune with DADGBD. AG Mag, are you hiring? 😉

  5. @jazzpsalti What do you mean ghoseted hammer on? Can you post a video?

  6. 1. The left hand ostinato, as Hedges used it, is a technique that starts with a ghosted hammer-on, or what I call a "left hand articulation" it does not start with a pull-off, but as you have demonstrated, that is possible. But I have to clarify this because your information may mislead people.

    2. Your slap harmonic technique should actually use the side of your index, if you want to do Hedges repertoire. Most all of Hedges' slap harmonic techniques attack all 6 strings.

  7. anyone know of teachers in the New York City area?
    I'm looking to take lessons with someone who teaches Michael hedges style guitar.

  8. Very good demo. Hedges passed away in 1997 but I really don't believe anyone has yet surpassed his enormous talent for the acoustic guitar.

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