Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Bluesy Triplets Pentatonic Runs

Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Bluesy Triplets Pentatonic Runs | Guitar Control

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In this guitar control lesson, Sean Daniels will teach you how to play triplets runs with pentatonic scales.


  1. "To the detriment of peoples ears everywhere." Great line! Sean is a fun and upbeat young man who has a bright future. His relaxed and friendly style of teaching is refreshing. There is a lot or work that is put in behind the scenes (check out his other sites/links) in teaching before just putting a lesson up on You Tube. No, I don't know, or work for him, but I like to give credit where credit is due.

  2. Just playing scales is exactly where i was stuck. Thank you for moving me forward!

  3. Great lesson Sean as allways Thanks

  4. 5 Hrs old and nobody here, HELLO!!

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