Acoustic Guitar Lesson Preview: Signe by Eric Clapton

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Learn to play Signe Guitar lesson – Eric Clapton. This is a short sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests.


  1. Very good lesson! Signe is probably a Norwegian girls name, although the song was written a Year befare the unplugged album, in 1991 on a boat that Claptons manager hired and the boat was clled called Signe.

  2. That thumb pop, drives me crazy… Have a hard time getting it right…

  3. great teacher! Just purchased the lesson für about 10€ and it´s definitely worth the money! Greetings from Berlin, keep it up!

  4. fucking beautiful song. great lesson

  5. cool

  6. EricnJill Stoneberg

    Neil, First, thanks for all the help / lessons you give. Found this article that confirms your story about how / where E.C wrote Signe. Also. Here's a link to the actual yacht with pics of the interior on the yacht. Try to Imagine E.C writing this tune in this environment. Kinda cool to think about as you learn to play this awesome tune.–41519

  7. Very relaxed you are. That adds so much to the video. Thank you. Great song!

  8. awesome teacher…one of best I've seen so far….gets rite to the point…..great job

  9. This is awesome. The rhythm is soo important. Your tempo is perfect and great to hear the bossa nova idea. Yes maybe he jammed with a Brazilian guy on that boat trip! Very good explanation and you are a great player. Thanks!

  10. This tune was named after a 1990 112ft Renaissance ketch. She is beautiful.

  11. You've done a really good job man, thanks for the clear explanation and your insight. I appreciate it, much more personal than sheet music.

  12. this is only outstanding.  Great job!  thank you.

  13. Jean François HamilCaro

    Avec une guitare classique c'est encore plus beau ! excellent picking nostalgie mélodie Cuba ! Bravo j'adore ton jeu de guitar.

  14. Good Job! Very Helpful! Thanks a lot!

  15. Awesome! Please tell, what guitar are you using?

  16. Does your web-site still work?  I'm trying to buy this lesson, won't let me set up an account, or retrieve password for old account.

  17. I love this guy

  18. Very nice.  I wonder how long it took you to master it

  19. Lesson begins at 5:40

  20. A great video, well done. Some slight anomalies from the original, mostly the tempo, but you've nailed the percussive click perfectly it sounds great.

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