Acoustic Guitar Lesson: Shine in E

For tabs: This video lesson covers the chords and strum patterns for Shine in E, which is track 5 of the Let’s Jam! CD Unplugged.

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  1. Maria Ayanyan/My Chemical Muse Fan

    I was looking for Shine Acoustic by Muse and came here…

  2. "Shine" by who? It's not the David Gray song or the Collective Soul song.

  3. i have never heard of a chord a69, heard of the position 69 though

  4. sounds so much like all things must pass..

  5. Mark Zuckerberg face at 0:10

  6. The background bass and percussion really rob the value of this lesson.

  7. @claytonruns So did I :/

  8. Tankio so very much peter

  9. wow your guitar is beautiful…

  10. Shine of David Gray?

  11. Klaus-Jürgen Chmiel

    Thank you so much for your lessons. I really enjoy them. Keep on going.

  12. thanks… learnt new strum today!!

  13. are you calling this video shine in E because the chord shape, and if so is that why people say "its in the key of e"?

  14. great lesson. it is even easier if you finger it so you are always using pinkie and ring finer on the A and D strings (just changing from index to middle finger on the G string). that's how i learned Melissa.


  16. This is easy and sounds great, cool one. Thanks for posting cheers.

  17. yeah, when he started this video, I thought it was mislabeled for Melissa. Good catch man

  18. even i had the same problem when i was a rookie… the freaky 9ths 11ths 9ths 6ths used to make me crazy…. it is very simple… just add that particular interval to the chord. for example C Major 7 will have intervals: C E G B

  19. who originaly sings or plays it

  20. thank you for teach me.
    good luck!

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