Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Strumming And Picking Techniques – EASY – Beginner

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Strumming And Picking Techniques - EASY - Beginner

Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Strumming And Picking Techniques – EASY – Beginner Brett Papa Marty Schwartz papastache Martyzsongs youcanlearnguitar


  1. Great lesson ! Thanks !

  2. does strumming depends upon the beat of the song??

  3. Great lessons.others always leave something out

  4. awesome lesson.

  5. Xx_dEyInGsLoW_xX

    didint really help but i like the sound SO THUNBS UP

  6. Great,video.Great teaching.New subscriber here.I've been playing guitar for 28 years and I still learned and reinforced technique.

  7. this helps thanks man

  8. what order are the strings plucked on the D chord?

  9. Hey man, that was one of the most instructional videos i have seen. You and Marty Schwartz are my teachers thus far. Keep up the great work that you guys do.

  10. first off I would like to say that I love your videos! I also have a question about picking. i noticed that some people plant their pinky finger to pick notes and some players rest the side of their palm on the saddle. is one way better than the other or is it just what the player prefers? thanks!

  11. You are one of the best teachers of the internet.

  12. Thanks' a lot. You are such a guru!!

  13. What guitar is that 00018? Or om18?

  14. Thank You! I've been attempting to make music out of this guitar I bought for about 6 weeks now. Out of the hodgepodge of instructional videos I've collected over that time, you have emerged as one of my top gurus. lol
    I think your lessons are perfect for a "second-level", one-step-above-beginner. Once a person gets hold of the very basics, picking, fretting, forming chords….etc., your lessons can help propel them to a point where they can start feeling good about their "playing"—a turbo boost if you will. You pack a lot of cool stuff into 10 mins.

    ANYWAY, I did have a quick, dumb-beginner question, because I just cant tell from the video. On that "popular suspended 4th" in the D chord, when playing the little (S-4th/2nd) melody line, are u using 4 consecutive up strokes?

  15. Wow you makes it looks so easy !

  16. Thanks for making your lessons accessible and easy to follow!

  17. Thanks! Excellent, clear video that's easy to apply. Nicely done.

  18. thumb over the neck ?   He should know better . 

  19. like this video but the notes at the end are so confusing He is not using a traditional C and then Cadd9 then not a traditional B and a G. There are two notes that are not traditional and he moves through them so fast, I cant get it, But its a cool little riff I would like to learn. Can anyone help? plz

  20. What's the pattern of the up and down?

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