Acoustic Guitar Lesson | The Beatles – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

Acoustic Guitar Lesson #95 of 147 by Ovation Guitars. Learn how to play ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’ by the Beatles on acoustic guitar. Ovation Guitar video contest.


  1. Thanks, Lisa. All the Best from Germany.

  2. You missed something when you play your d chord there's something you missed

  3. Yea John used a Framus Hootenanny 12 string on this song. HaHa….. I have one of those. It nails the sound. On the C and F chord you need to keep your pinky finger on the hi e string 3rd fret.

  4. Love to hear you sing , play and teach. Thank you.

  5. Also great video with great visualization. Great for learning

  6. Beautiful voice , guitar and song. Very well played. Your awesome!!!

  7. Thank you for thw wonderful lesson

  8. great lesson for this song.

  9. best instructional video I ever saw

  10. What is your Guitar model???

  11. Thanks, really good teaching style

  12. This was an amazing lesson. This talented Lady actually taught me how to play this great John Lennon tune, something no one has been able to do before. She's a gifted teacher as well as first rate musician!

  13. It's nice to see people teaching others to play songs without trying to score a website hit or make a profit. Learning music should be free information if you ask me. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  14. Helpful and challenging lesson/thanks.

  15. Thanks Lisa! Just a superb and simple  lesson with easy to follow close up chord transitions.  Its really rather elementary but there are other video that complicate a song like this.   Every Beatle song guitar instruction should be taught this way!

  16. You need to hold your pinky finger on the E string 3rd fret while playing the C and F chord. Watch John in the performance of this song in the Help vid.

  17. Best lesson I saw of the song yet

  18. theres no hay in the title of the song its just called you got to hide yoyr love away

  19. Thank you – great, clear instructions!

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