Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Add Licks To Your Strumming G C D By Scott Grove

Scott Grove
Groovy Music Lessons
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  1. Been looking for that lesson that changes my life forever. Thank you sir.

  2. You're wonderful man! Thanks so much

  3. Good stuff!

  4. ruben braunholtz

    This guys a god wow !

  5. God dam I have bin playin around GCD chords and new there was something else around these chords and you have so kindly opened up a whole new avenue for me to go down thanx soooo much Doctor Groovy for showing me thru the door Greetings fae Scotland

  6. this sounds like Tony Douglass and the Shrimpers you ever heard of them way back in the day.

  7. Dr. Groovy, thank you for helping me put some twang (spice?) into this 1-4-5.

  8. Scott, I've gone from zero to novice hero watching and playing, re-watching & re-playing your lessons…you are "The Bomb!"
    My interests lean towards country (& western, as you've emphasized!) and I couldn't ask for bang-on content and a better teacher. Thank you Dr. Groovy!

    PS can you write me a prescription for my left hand? been practicing so much there's days I can't pick up the guitar! …no really! can you suggest a fix for cramped hands?
    Thanks again, from your #1 Canadian Fan,

  9. Nice lesson.

  10. I dig your style, dude

  11. thanks Scott your a good guy thankyou my friend Robert Harden

  12. Maestro. Don't speak much English but I get to understand your videos very well. I admire you very much. Thank you so much hugs from Colombia.

  13. brett besterwitch

    woah what an amazing lesson for free .. thanks so much scott!!! i need to buy your other stuff to learn all your cool!!!!

  14. Hi Scott. Just wanted to tell you that this lesson has moved me further on with my playing in just a couple of hours than anything else I have got from YT.
    Thank you so much – you are a truly gifted teacher.
    On a personal note, I hope all has gone as well as it could with your sister and that you both find peace.

  15. I have a question. I've been playing country rhythm guitar for almost 2 years now. I'm just now getting into some licks. I'm currently playing with a Yamaha Gigmaker F325. I started out with some really cheaply made guitar (I don't remember the model.) and the action setup on that guitar was awful. The strings were so high away from the fretboard that when I would play a note, the note would sound as if I was bending it. Now I'm considering purchasing a new acoustic guitar with a better tone quality and low action with a price range between $100-$150. Any suggestions?

  16. As always, great lesson. good reminders of stuff I learned and gradually forgot.

  17. thank you partner

  18. I truly appreciate your teaching. this is the kind of material I am looking for. God Bless you. Thank you!

  19. Scott – I like you. You've helped me a lot.

  20. thank u very much sir .. this lesson is really priceless and unique .. opens great options towards guitar playing .. would u please do the same stuff fore some other group of chords

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