Acoustic Guitar Lessons “Country Chordal Licks” Tab Included

Country licks.
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  1. Wow, so simple but effective – love your teaching style like sitting opposite and friend and sharing notes. Easy, relaxed and informative. Great stuff!

  2. very nice lick …. i can not belive that i have been playing guitar over 30 years and this lick was sitting right under my nose ….. thankyou for the lesson

  3. Thank you for your Lessons!

  4. Cool licks. Thanks a lot!

  5. There's something about old country and western music I just love, thanks for the lesson 

  6. Thanks for your video! I know it says tabs included but I didn't see any…did I miss them somewhere? Thank you

  7. Thanks, Tommy!

  8. Great to be teaching folks. #TommyGstarfire

  9. Good stuff!

  10. Thanks so much! :o)

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  12. Thanks so much! Happy New Year! :o)

  13. Thanks mate, love you guitar lessons, i've learned so much from you. Keep it up. Happy and peaceful new year.

  14. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  15. Nice work dude, merry Xmas

  16. You're so welcome! :o)

  17. Hi, great video. Can you give examples of where you'd use these licks.

  18. Thank you! :o)

  19. this is awesome! thanks!

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