Acoustic Guitar Lessons “Diminished Chords”

Diminished chords.


  1. cool as thanks

  2. Perfect

  3. Thanks for the hard work you put into these lessons, Dave. I'm finally figuring out some Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline voicings that were stumping me. Well done and well played.

  4. Thanks thats what I needed Dim on 5th &6th strings, thanks, Dave!

  5. Someone here suggesting diminished chords were forbidden in medieval times ? That's very interesting if that's the case, would like to know more.

  6. Good video, and neat riff from 3 Amigos! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks, Rob! :o)

  8. nice job man !!!

  9. I believe that is just a D/C chord.

  10. Thanks for the scoops! :o)

  11. Fusion Music - Steve Wright - Fife

    For Chords, go to Google Chrome Store and get the free app, "Guitarist Reference HD". You can put in your own shapes and find out what they are or simply find out about chords, scales and arpeggios. Nice tool and it free. This stays in your browser. Great lesson.

  12. Capos are good. :o)

  13. I used to hate playing in F, too until I figured to capo 1st fret & play as open E, A, B7, etc open positions. F and B flat keys fit my voice so I have to. Lol.

  14. You're so welcome! Thank you! :o)

  15. Thanks this video helped me alot

  16. You're so welcome! Thanks! :o)

  17. Great lesson, thanks so much for sharing!

  18. It's from the cruciades, they were not allowed to use 7th chords, who ever used it would die. Sorry for my bad english.

  19. You're so welcome! Thanks! :o)

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