Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Fretboard Epiphanies – Melody in E


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Here is the same idea in the Key of E. You will go through some trials and errors as you learn the craft of writing a melody. After you spend some time at this, you will probably learn to improvise some great lines. Notice the phrasing again. I’ll use short, sometimes three note phrases, to make a musical statement. Then, I’ll answer it with a parallel phrase or a contrary phrase. If you analyze the structure of the melody, you will find the patterns.


  1. Someone PM me tabs of this amazing melody please!!!!

  2. GraywolfGaming

    Alright im 15 and I figured this out just by watching his fingers and i'll try to explain it the best I can. Its simple really. Your just sliding your index finger up the frets on the G string (3rd string). Put your index finger on the G string, first fret now, and then take your thumb and middle finger, and pluck the G string and low E string simultaneously (that means at the same time for you slow fella's :D) Then after you pluck them once, take your index finger and pluck the B string (2nd string) and then take your middle finger and pluck the high E string. Do it slow and you'll get the rhythm. Then you just slide your finger up to the second fret, do the same thing, then the 4th fret and so on! Hope this helped!! Have a great day and play guitar for life bro's! Oh and like this to make it a top comment so others can learn this beautiful, and simple, melody!

  3. Beautiful, is that a song? Can I have the name? Are there tabs?

  4. how can i learn this if u dont tell us what your playing …. not for beginners

  5. Thankss kwwp uplaoding

  6. awesome

  7. thanks..
    the sound of my guitar is too far from the sound of yours

  8. I trully give u maximum respect

  9. The best acoustic i've heard.

    Me and my brother is a big fan of acoustic semi melodic tunes. Like what i just saw today.


  10. Wow… that is so pretty! I must learn it!

  11. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it …

  12. Sounds a bit like "Change The World" by Eric Clapton 😀

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