Acoustic Guitar Lessons "G blues" Tab Included

G blues in the style of “Mississippi John Hurt”
Tab downloads available at Check out “The Sringery” site. Very cool.
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  1. @sdeugdad Cool! Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Once more you did the best for me.Merci Mr.Sawlon

  3. @ElectricFire360 Travel guitar. Packs up very small and looks cool! lol

  4. just download the whole video or type out word by word

  5. Very good … simple but so cool …

  6. Great video! keep them coming!

  7. nice video thx a lot!

  8. Very very White Bluesman !!!

  9. awesome acoustic tips,thx man.keep it comin' brah. why dunt u put in more tags in the vid so more ppl can find this great tip easier? peace.

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