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For the Free tabs.
Simple chords and picks for an authentic Spanish Sounding Guitar lesson. Don’t know what it is called.
Mike Herberts


  1. It would be better if I could understand his accent better.

  2. That was awesome! I will definitely try it! Thank you for the great video. The tutor I found on Vis-a-Vis (mobile app) help me to start playing like that. Thanks both of you!!!

  3. i like this video….and this video is good and so easy to play this style……

  4. Jocelyn Star with the Sweet Ads

    Probably the most well recognized Spanish Tunes. However, I was hoping that You Knew the Name of It:( Nice Playing – I Enjoyed it!

  5. I love this video: Stayed up one night for hours learning the tune. Great instruction. Still like to play it. I love the part about tuning. Just keep it up… you'll get it.

  6. Malaguena is the song name

  7. The name of the song is Malagueña originally written by Ernesto Lecuona

  8. This was one of the first things on guitar I learned, and still play it often. Thank you @helisell

  9. very nice! 

  10. That was awesome! I will definitely try it!

  11. Very easy to play….. :-((  lol

  12. Omg I just learned the first music note ever.. now I can die happy

  13. how does he play the f shape in this?

  14. nice peice , thanks buddy

  15. He cheats….uses his thumb. Ha ha

  16. Very good instructions, finger movements and strumming. Thanks

  17. E
    I think

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  19. i'v send u my email but u dont yet answer about the tablature…

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