Acoustic Guitar Lessons ‘The Zephyr Song’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Easy Beginner How To Play Tutorial

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Guitar Lessons – ‘The Zephyr Song’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Easy Beginners How To Play Acoustic, Chords Tutorial. RHCP album ‘By The Way’.

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Why does my guitar have no pickups?

Cheers, Andy

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  1. Alessandro Batista

    Vai tomar no cú!!!!

  2. Can someone explain what the tag is? I'm confused

  3. Денис Савченко

    Great lesson dude! couldn't find a good tutorial to this song. RHCP got so many good rifs for beginners but I mostly find only their hits, but this one is gold.
    you just found a new subscriber!)

  4. dude…finally someone i can click with…thanks bro really appreciate you!!!

  5. Hi Andy, the video is out of sync with the sound. Just saying. Thanks for a great lesson too ! Where are you from in OZ ?

  6. Rayne Putri Melati

    2 mnt tutorial, 5 mnt speaking.. WoW

  7. Thanks man, really helped me a lot. You should post more video lessons of RHCP songs. You're good.

  8. Its for beginners shadowrunner. No bar in the Fmaj7th. IF your a beginner, your not ready for the picking in the beginning.. FYI….

  9. your a good guitar player

  10. Andy you need to put the intro picking parts on the back-up sheet otherwise its difficult to follow, I end up writing it down on the back up sheets & can be easily mixed up   .  Good  Lesson Though LOL S x

  11. Why do you not teach the song note from note ? I relize it's for begener's , but I would like to learn the entire song . Do I need to just by the tab from the music store ? Or do you have another version for novice player's ?

  12. Standard

  13. what should I tune it too?

  14. oh myy! great maaaan!

  15. no, fm7 doesn't bar at all whereas a normal f either bars all 6 strings or the lowest 2 for the small f

  16. tenkz,,very good teaching

  17. You said f major 7 but that's just a normal f you put your fingers on? :S

  18. You must be a retard1 I don't know major seven either but he shows you with his fingers what to play

  19. You do not need to know English to understand what's going on. Stop this blaspheming.

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