Acoustic Guitar Setup – How to Set up an Acoustic Guitar 🎸 | Guitar Lesson

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It’s hard to believe, but many guitar players go years or even decades before learning how to set up an acoustic guitar. Sweetwater’s Don Carr joins Ben Armour from the Sweetwater Guitar Shop for a lesson on how to set up an acoustic guitar like a pro.

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  1. What guitar model is this Martin

  2. Fred Manteghian

    Excellent thanks! Learned a lot.

  3. Cool beans

  4. Wow this is awesome mad respect for Mr Ben Ch lol

  5. There is a lot more to it, than you see on other videos.. Thanks for the video…

  6. Sweetwater has really upped their youtube game recently. Top quality content and consistent production across the board for all their recent efforts. Clearly Mitch & Company have a master plan in place for youtube and they're executing it well thus far. Nice work folks….

  7. Which Hygrometer does Ben Gtr use? What specific measuring tool is he using?

  8. The LMI digital string height gauge makes all other string action measuring techniques obsolete. Surprised Ben did not use it to measure string height at the 12th fret. If you are going to base one measurement with the guitar in playing position, use a Stew Mac type guitar jig to hold it in place. Can't imagine Martin using neck wood that would flex when changing angles.

  9. I just finished setting one up and saw this just now haha. I had it down right.

  10. Do the setup for electric guitars.

  11. A good overall guide, thanks. I want that nut and bridge sanding tool SOOOO badly you don't even know.

  12. When will acoustic guitar builders stop using those awful 3+3 headstocks instead of other designs which facilitate a 100% straight nut to tuner direction?

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