Acoustic Guitar vs. Electric Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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Learn the differences between the acoustic and the electric guitar! Choose which style of guitar you want to learn and hear the pros and cons of each!
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  1. ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!! SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can i play guitar solos from like Guns N Rose's with an acoustic guitar?

  3. If you are looking to be a musician, than go with acoustic first.

    I recommend any beginning guitar player to start on acoustic. Start from where it all began and work your way up plus your fingers get stronger from acoustic guitar strings. You will get an appreciation towards musical history. Don't worry about how much time it takes. You are not going to become amazing overnight. Slowly progress through it. I got pretty damn good after 4 years however I breathe, slept, and ate guitar. Down the road you'll know if you want to a hobbyist or want to be a musician. No one picks music, music picks you.

  4. AbdelRahman Ragab

    What is the difference between Bass guitar and electric guitar? 

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  6. i am going to start with electric guitar and see how it goes and maybe some day i wil try out acoutsic

  7. I love Christian rock with the band"casting crowns" but sometimes I would need an electric to get that edgy, sweet vibe. On the other hand I need a quiet calm guitar for the song "Great God" by desperation band. And the song is sweet with the electric but it needs to be somewhat calmer so I may go with the accoustic…

  8. Mark Anthony Yamaguchi

    for me BOTH!

  9. If you want to play electric, get an electric. If you want to play acoustic play acoustic. There's nothing to debate. 

  10. The Annoying Orange

    I used to play electric a lot, but now I'm mostly on acoustic. No frills, no fuss straightforward kind of instrument – one that emphasises technique more. Love their natural tone. And also, to be able to pick up your guitar and play it right away, without having to deal with amps, fx, tone knobs, etc etc… that spontaneity, just feels so… liberating!

    To all my other fellow guitarists out there: Please, learn your scales and modes. There's more to guitar than just strumming chords.

  11. Hey, im a 14 year old boy. I have been playing piano for 6 years guitar for 2 years and singing for 1 year. I have both acoustic and electric guitar. Buy acoustic. You can play every single thing with it, blues, Classic, rock, country, metal etc. But with electric guitar you can't play flamenco, the greatest guitar style (I play it). Sure electric guitar has cool sound and you can play higher but listen to me, and my teacher who has been 50 years a musician.

  12. Playing with people you definitely want to go Electric, a lot of stuff that you play on the acoustic can be played on the electric considering that you can change the sound. Jazz is great with an electric too

  13. Electric!! Coming from someone who owns both, i found electric way more fun, versatile, and exciting over acoustic guitar. Still, its fun to learn a acoustic riff every once in while.

  14. buy a electric that can do both, for example a fender stratocaster would be a good choice 

  15. kickbuttowskifan 1

    thanks for the tips, I'm getting an electric as soon as I finish my guitar classes

  16. Blues are great on electric…

  17. what do you do if you like country and rock?!?!?

  18. Bend Em (Moving Pictures roll em)

    Buy both

  19. ilikepie3.1415926

    I want an electric so bad

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