Acoustic – Led Zeppelin Guitar Lessons – Acoustic Jimmy Page

Acoustic  - Led Zeppelin Guitar Lessons - Acoustic Jimmy Page

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There’s a certain rite of passage when it comes to playing the intro to Stairway to Heaven on guitar!! I hope this video tutorial helps you in your quest to play it!!

also, thanks so much for the support out there!! I really appreciate it.

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  1. COD Gamer's Wii COD Gamer's Wii

    thank you man I do love how you help people with the piece by piece learning it actually helps me cause I'm slow at learning but so far I can play almost anything cause I read chords and sometimes I can read tabs I can play atleast 70 songs I'm looking for a band to play in but nobody is serious enough to make it happen

  2. Thanks Marty !!

  3. *Plays this song at guitar center*
    Literally ever guitar store employee: NEIN!!

  4. Just got done learning it can’t wait to go to the local guitar stores

  5. 5 star rating but who am I to to judge but Marty is the man to learn from he is clear and doesn't go to fast even for a brginner

  6. Lots of muffled notes….not clean playing.

  7. Oh boy can't wait to show my friends at the guitar store

  8. Guitar stores:


  9. Awesome thanks for the videos you make it fun to play

  10. Jimmy Paige makes it sound so easy.

  11. Must learn this so that I can get thrown out of a guitar shop LOL

  12. Hollywood Sprite

    And suddenly I can play bar chords…

  13. I don't understand 7.14, what inverted d?

  14. Well, that's all fine and good, but it's NOT what Pagey is playing folks. The way this gentleman is playing it is choppy and does not flow. The first five chords are played only using the top four strings (D_G_B_E). Can't chart it here, or I would. This way jumps all over the place. no disrespect intended, just making a factual statement.

  15. You’ll probably most likely hear this song playing when you enter music retail store.

  16. boyle heights guitar tutorial please

  17. instructions are unclear hand stuck in guitar now | LMAO sorry I guess I'm just bad at guitar -_-

  18. alright ow shit nevermind ill learn something else

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