Acoustic Songs – Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lessons

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  1. You are just awesome man! Thanks!

  2. great way to you taught this… tks…

  3. JJawesome awesomeness

    what is the strum pattern?

  4. Ronald van den Boogaardt

    Tip for beginners ( like me ) Put video on a lower speed when he goes to fast.

    Thank you for the lesson Jamz!

  5. theophane perot

    hey, what's up you guys?

  6. Thanks So Much Marty You broke that piece down like union meat cutter

  7. muito bom…parabéns .

  8. muito bom…parabéns .

  9. 2:02 Which song?

  10. Hey Marty, superb lesson and I'm comming along nicely. Although the last part (fill ups) starting from minute 12 gives me some headache. Is there a way to get the hammer on's and the strumming (how often per note) a little slower? – You play it so fast I can't really see what you're doing. 🙂 -> Do you got another video lesson where this can be learned? And many thanks for all your awesome tutorials btw.

  11. läuft bei dir

  12. The first time I listened to you I passed over….now I keep coming back to your channel….new subscriber your work

  13. MrUSApatriot01

    your videos have helped me a lot, thanks so much!

  14. Edward McCarthy

    Great playing Dude!

  15. Arnulfo Espejo

    thanks very nice.

  16. stoked about this. beginner but can pause to repeat and stuff . really clear and fun and excited to do more thanks!

  17. wait whats the strumming pattern?

  18. Stefanie Jewel

    "I fell into a seed and a Gee," (Schwartz @ 03:21). Love this!

  19. this is to fast for me. I am a beginner and don't know much on this

  20. Kesha Sunshinee

    Which guitar is good for beginners ?

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