Acoustic vs Classical 2: The Differences in Technique and Sound — [Guitar Lesson]

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  1. if you will be able to get flamenco guitar it would be interesting to experiment difference against classical
    also i know that you know some spanish stuff on guitar which you played on acustic lol, so it will way sound much better of flamenco

  2. Make an arrangement of "What is love" pleeeeeeease)

  3. Well presented; thank you for sharing.

  4. Can you make a video teaching the asturias ???

  5. Latino Sci-Fi Geek

    Thanks for the series! As a Brazilian who started with a classical guitar, strumming rock and pop songs, playing blues licks with vibrato, slides and bends and only recently got a steel string acoustic I learned a ton from these past two videos. I have wondered in the past why I had to bend so much in comparison to tutorials I have watched. I wonder what you would have to say about the differences between them while using a slide and also tips on how to go about mixing both sounds on the same song in order to explore the strengths of both instruments.

  6. This was very informative. Thanks for comparing the two, LickNRiff.

  7. God bless you…

  8. Saludos desde Ecuador, un guitarra autografiada seria fantastica bendiciones

  9. I saw about 600 of your videos….. why not upload a real classical guitar piece? Like Tarrega, or Bach…. I think you would do it as nice as all the other stuff…. by the way….where are the dogs?

  10. PugetSoundFlyer PSF

    Jerry Reed preferred nylon string guitars. When asked why he said something like " I don't like to have to press to hard".

  11. Nylon string guitars are so underrated. I'm glad that it's still getting attention in the US 🙂

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