Adele – Skyfall – James Bond – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play Easy Songs

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  1. Amazing, thank u so much!! <3

  2. someone help me how do i do the strumming??

  3. Bronx Hutagalung


  4. %>>>>>>>>^%}~{|}{#€=

  5. what chords would you play if not for the capo? obviously playing these same chords without the capo would make the tone too low, so which un-capoed chords produce these tones?

  6. Thanks!! Gracias Marty!!! from Buenos Aires…

  7. How to play that little link at 0:25?

  8. Great lesson marty, cheers!

  9. How do u strum?

  10. Не интересно для такой песни.
    Very easy play for this song.

  11. Janupa_playsminecraft

    Does anyone else notice the way the website thing shows up on the screen, it's the same way they out the title for puberty lessons

  12. Awesome lessons!!! Thank you 🙂 It would be even better if you could show us every chords played

  13. ok.. very like this lesson
    tank's a lot

  14. What guitar is that?

  15. Subham Choudhury

    Thanx marty…i m a beginner and thanx to this video i can now do open chord to bar chord transitions smoothly!

  16. love it thanks

  17. So is the intro the same as the verse?

  18. that was so beautiful but shit that E demolition whatever chord made me hate myself haha couldn't do it 😀
    Edit: i realized i was doing it wrong hahahaha 😀

  19. gj man))

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