Advanced Bass: Anatomy of a Groove

Advanced Bass: Anatomy of a Groove

More here: Often when coming up with an idea, bass players become slaves to always locking in with the kick drum and have trouble developing their ideas any further. In this lesson we are going to take a look at some concepts that will help you to develop your ideas in relation to what the drummer is laying down and essentially unlock different possibilities that will allow the music to breathe and flow.
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  1. I think it is important for the bassist not to imply chord progressions (like here going to IV) when it isn't in the music. Many modal tunes really are only about thumping the root and not much else!
    If there is a diminished 5th or major 7th in the scale and you play regular 5ths and b7s you are going to look like a dumbass.

  2. alot of 20$ words on this one

  3. Evan Beckstedt

    Thank you so much! I've been stuck using the same type of feel for most jams and couldn't get out of the habit of doing virtually the same thing everytime. This really broadens the horizons

  4. Koffi Solomon Essilfie


  5. I dunno. I'm not hearing anything I'd write home about. The music itself here is nothing more than "smooth jazz," those generic elevator ditties one hears at the mall. This guy is a salesman for his stuff. The real cat to learn from is A) Carol Kaye, and B) you by learning HOW to listen to music and C) studying the 20th Century art and culture which gave rise to the Jaco Pastorius revolution. At his core was funk and soul like Sam and Dave funk and soul and this guy here, sadly, doesn't bring to the table none of that. Hell. My own tips get one down to it straight up 4 free and spending for his. Got to spend? Spend it on Carol Kaye's material. She's the best at teaching and makes this cat's verbiage revealed as a huge barrier, the thing he's supposedly against.

  6. Thanks! The essential strategies for groove is here.

  7. robertosinglemalt

    One of the best lessons I've ever seen!

  8. amazing video !!

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