Advanced Spanish Melody on Guitar.

Advanced Spanish Melody on Guitar.

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Today I want to challenge all my guitar students with this beautiful advanced Spanish melody on acoustic guitar in A minor.
As you probably know I love to play around with this simple chord progression that is so characteristic and full of passion.
There are hundreds of different ideas that guitar players come up with when playing around this chords and today I am going to show you one of my favorite.
This Spanish guitar lesson is not for beginners however I encourage everyone to give it a try as it is always important to challenge yourself and try things that push you out of your comfort zone.
You can play this advanced Spanish melody on either Classical or Acoustic guitar.
Let’s get started.

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  1. Gaurav Mehra Music

    Sounds like Gulabi ankhen by Atif aslam

  2. Do patreons have access to the rest of the piece?

  3. Best channel to learn Spanish Guitar

  4. good work Marco

  5. Nishantha Ranasinghe

    1 person disliked this video

  6. name of the song pls

  7. Thanks Marco , I really appreciate your wonderful lessons. I also learned the Spanish intro, I think they will blend in together. Never thought I would be able to learn some Spanish guitar one day, but thanks to you I am pulling it off. It is in fact very simpel, but it sounds very complex. Thanks man , I owe you big time! Keep up the good work.

  8. Great lessons and wonderful musicality, truly a gift. Thanks!!

  9. I'm starting to think these spanish melodies are the go-to option for us acoustic players who can't sing 🙂

  10. AWESOME is the word!!!

  11. Please, need the second part (rest) of musical notation/tabs

  12. that is good one, need more!!! Thanks!!!

  13. please counterpoint lesssons

  14. Can u do some more song tutorials

  15. Hi Marco. Do you have tutorial for the solo that starts on 0:20?

  16. Pasteur Henri Le missionnaire.

    I like it. Could you continue that solo 0:22. Please ? Could you do a tuto for that solo please ?

  17. israel mauricio

    Excuse me what guitar is that, thanks.

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