Advanced Time and Feel Exercise for Bass Guitar

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  1. 23 dislikes?I support her…very good….info.Thank you so much

  2. You sound like the daughter of some mafia boss…

  3. The Aimless Observatory

    What key is this in?

  4. Your bass is so pretty, also a fan of that Ampeg! Wonderful playing and teaching, brava! Subbed! =D

  5. Cool… A Moniker bass. I was in Austin a few months back and visited their shop. I ended up buying a bass when there.

  6. ((( she's ))) not too bad

  7. Totally Awesome. Gonna go into the studio now and practice those lines.

  8. It's good stuff. Lessonface. Well presented. Explained well. I quit teaching bass bout 15 years ago, but I feel like picking my old Jazz up again. So very nice to see youngsters diggin what a Bass can and should do. Respect

  9. This was wonderful !!!!  Thanks so much !!!!!!!

  10. Scotch On the Rock

    I love that Bass. Very Cool

  11. Jeff Berlin sez NO METRONOME…WHAT GIVES?

  12. Dead notes, or muted notes are really good when you need to keep time but don't want to play a note. It gives a percussive feel to the arrangement. It's also good to use when you want to put something in on an off beat. You can either mute on the off beat or mute on the beat and play a note on the off beat. It's a way to keep your internal rhythm on track. Plus it sounds funky and cool.

  13. I used to be in a band endorsed by Moniker. Those things rule.

  14. Right on time….*looks at watch*

  15. Instantly Ectobassma

    Your E string sound very weird, like mine do… Anybody noticed? What could cause that?

  16. I'm seeing a lot of wrist bending in your technique which can be quite harmful and might put and end your music career long before its time. Bad habits can take minutes to form and a lifetime to break.

  17. the love of my life is back!!!

  18. This bass is so very cool! What is it?

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