Aerosmith – Dream On – Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is number 28 in a series of “The Top 50 GREATEST Guitar Riff’s” played and instructed by professional guitar instructor “Mike Gross”..In no particular order,the 28th “riff” is “Dream On” by “Aerosmith”{Joe Perry}…The intro is explained in this detailed lesson..A must watch for you “ROCKERS”…Please subscribe-comment-like-and leave any questions you have pertaining to this instructional guitar lesson on the “comment” section on this page…Enjoy…Mike Gross as well as my website at…
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  1. his my teachers n guitar a like the way how he teach guitar very easy to learn

  2. you've come a long way bro. that's a different set up then you have now. it's good to see you keeping up the good work. rock on bro.

  3. Very nice and detail sound, what brand of those guitar ?

  4. I think you meant index finger 2 B where you do the stretch.   Ring or pinky is on the G string.

  5. Very clear tone sounds real
    Thank's Mike

  6. Спасибо!!!!!!!!!!!!))))

  7. Starts at 1:50, you're welcome

  8. Awsome Mike can you do a video on the rest of it especially the little solo you do before the singer starts singing

  9. Holy Smokes-You are Tops!!

  10. You're really good at teaching guitar! Thank you!

  11. top class

  12. awsome , but can u do one for a lower leveled player , my son wants to know how to play this

  13. thanks bro

  14. Dude you're a guitar master man…LOVE's

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