Aerosmith – Walk This Way – Guitar Lesson

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  2. Marty I don't know much about you. Do you play with a band or tour at all?

  3. Hi Marty,
    Love the channel. I'm learning tonnes from you, I'm relatively new. Is there any chance you can list the pedal that you use in the description. It would be great as I can't understand the sound effects yet.

  4. please teach "Bella Ciao" from "La Casa De Papel"

  5. Nicholas Longden

    You are the motherfuckin man

  6. Would love a tutorial on 'Ten Cent Pistol' by The Black Keys! Love all your other Black Keys tutorials!

  7. Can you do a tutorial of the Lumineer's version of "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)". I love the original Talking Heads version, but would love to know how to play the Lumineer's version on acoustic.

  8. Did he already did this one

  9. Nice lesson Marty!

  10. ruby kaiser chiefs

  11. Hi Marty, could you possibly play The Libertines 'Time for Heroes' on acoustic?

  12. GaragebandandBeyond

    The into to "Dream On" would be cool to know.

  13. David guitar madman

    Could you do "Come Again" by Damn Yankees one day? Thanks!

  14. How about some Mötley Crüe?

  15. Marty how about some gnr?

  16. Can you teach us rock n roll by led zeppelin

  17. 2:33 lol it's ok, we know you probably meant "tastefully"

  18. 0:40 – Marty’s thinking, “Ohhhh, I started too high…”

  19. Ellyssa Joyce Marin

    Hello Marty…I've been watching your videos recently, and they've been a great help! Thank you so much! I just started playing the guitar last year (June). I've improved a lot and even impressed some of my classmates (plus my Dad, who is a great guitarist) by playing "Imagine" (John Lennon), which I learned from one of your vids. I'm still having trouble with the barre chords though…so I'm practicing every day. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can lessen my struggle of playing the barre chords? See, they create this off-key tune sometimes…so I'm wondering how I could avoid that. It would be great to hear your suggestion 🙂 Thank you for being an inspiration and one of the persons who taught me a few tricks with the guitar!

  20. Next lesson on dt songs please.

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