Aerosmith – Walk This Way Guitar Lesson – Electric Guitar Tutorial


Walk This Way TAB + help: ►►

Here’s how to play Walk This Way by Aerosmith!

I loved seeing Aerosmith live at Download festival in 2010 and again in 2017. Steve Tyler has to be one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time, and Joe Perry is one of my favourite guitarists! I’ve stolen so many of his lead licks, I try to emulate him so often in my improvisation.

In the tutorial, I’ll start by showing you the main riff. It can be played in a very easy way! The verse riff is much harder, sorry about that. But the chorus riff is worth watching the tutorial till the end for I promise!

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  1. Kirsten Skates

    could you do some acoustic john mayer style stuff, like a tutorial or something, thanks andy

  2. Would love to learn 2112 by rush, andy!

  3. Great lesson!!

  4. Alfred E Newman

    Another fabulous lesson.Thanks.

  5. Love your style of teaching! Rock on.

  6. Yolo Backup Channel

    You remind me of Sid the sloth from ice age.

  7. I like this song, This song is amazing I like it Andy

  8. can u also teach master of puppets by Metallica? thanks a lot!

  9. vatsal vishwam

    I love ur videos Andy!

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