Aerosmith – Walk this Way – How to play on Guitar – Guitar Lessons

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  1. Pete in canada #

    Marty Can you
    teach chip away at the stone ( both parts) ? Thank you

  2. DABIGBOBO is real

    Old but Gold Marty!!!!

  3. what happened to the sound and what to heck are you doing with your fingers?

  4. This vid was uploaded was uploaded when I was kindergarten I'm in high school now

  5. ha 13yearsofidiotacracy

    This one sucks

  6. Learning this solely because I just came back from Disney World. Love that Rock’n Rollercoaster!!!

  7. Hagop Catchatoorian

    that was a pretty long intro

  8. I really enjoy your lessons Marty, Im a retired veteran and always played guitar but never took lessons until now. I cant thank you enough, from an old rocker from Montreal now living on Vancouver Island Keep up the good work man!

  9. Hey Marty, just dropping by to say thanks for the guitar lessons. There are a lot of instructors out there. Your my fav, you break it down and make it easy for us beginners. Thanks man!

  10. what amp settings/ effects should be used

  11. MSG-Nightmare guitar lesson please upload Marty.

  12. つかれたーふぁー


  13. Bloody hell, that boogie bit is granite.

  14. Is it possible for you to get a guitar that has numbers as fret markers to make it even easier to follow along?

  15. Marty rocks because he calls the strings by name and sometimes the notes too. It is confusing to me when the instructor is saying "put your third finger on the fifth fret of the fourth string".

  16. Love the guitar    



  17. its been 7 years… and I havent subscribed. ill do that now.

  18. The riff isn't played up on the neck like that.

  19. Thanks Marty nice teachings

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