'Africa' Toto Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. Cho Cho Africa

  2. Next Level Entertainment

    I can’t tell where his fingers are at all. Horrible tutorial.

  3. how many strings are on your guitar? I counted 12

  4. the king of hazel nuts

    Fuck you

  5. I appreciate any lesson but this is not even close and this doesnt even sound like africa

  6. Can't wait to play

  7. The power of the WEED !

    i suggest to use C#m instead of that strange E chord

  8. hello Man; thank you very much for your work. you respect the real chords. Discover my Tablanote ; I m a guitar teacher in Paris France. you can say for the scale c3 d e2 f3 g a2 b c1 ( fusion of Note name and tab ) c3 or c8 (on E string) same bass C note
    It falls from the sky, 3 years ago. after a little time , you read the notes on your hand like a pianist does . Bye Emmanuel from France

  9. Look at the Eric Blackmon you tube video for the beginning g# it's g# minor 7th .

  10. Second chord at the beginning is wrong !

  11. Chords are wrong ?

  12. Fantastic job. Thanks for this lesson.

  13. Ah Jase, you're so good at this.

  14. Your very cool for training a lazy ass guitar player like myself from having to get off my dumb ass to get the sheet music cuzz i failed ear training and can't hear the fucking progression !! Enough about me though, Thanks!!

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