African Church Praise on Bass Guitar – Part 1

African Church Praise on Bass Guitar - Part 1

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  1. boss can I get ur number? I'm in italy

  2. what's the name of the song please reply me

  3. Well, its sounds great. But this isn't teaching, it's just playing. We will appreciate if you do more of teaching

  4. Nice one Bro.

  5. Eugenia Kaitell

    the guiter msn done enjoy everything

  6. Could u make a video that shows the notes too…I wanna learn

  7. LNMVCG Original

    What's the name of the medley?

  8. he killt it

  9. Brepomaa Victoria Adwoa

    Can you give us more of this… I learnt the progression and I applied it on Sunday praises and it is very good, I enjoyed it and it goes with most of the Sunday praises songs. I really appreciate it. Thanks

  10. Akichi guy patrick

    thanks good record i feel it!

  11. please, what bass guitar is that?

  12. great dear,a Journey of millions miles set of with a step.

  13. Андрей Манин

    this is my Church. I'm a bass guitarist

  14. wawww a 100.

  15. Who"s leading the praises ?

  16. You look like you are having a good time.Keep it up bro!

  17. Great playing! Btw, what praise medley are you playing to?

  18. Anthony Ebenezer


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