Against the Wind Guitar Lesson – Bob Seger & The Sliver Bullet Band

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In this Against the Wind guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords for this Grammy award winning hit by Bob Seger.

The foundation of the song is on acoustic guitar with some electric guitar overdubs. I will just be focusing on the acoustic chords which is really all you need to play this great song.

I will be using an acoustic guitar in standard tuning.

The chords remain pretty basic throughout. We will be using mostly open position chords and one bar chord. Hopefully it will be pretty easy for you to follow along.

I will also quickly demonstrate a strumming pattern you can use throughout most of the song for those of you who can get a bit confused as to what to play with the rhythm.

I will demonstrate all the various sections of the song, chord by chord, in the same order they appear on the original recording.

This is a great laid back acoustic song that will work great by the campfire. Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Sharp lesson; tunes like this are why we love acoustic guitars!!  Thanks.

  2. Wonderful- thanks for that one Carl.

  3. Honestly tutorial

  4. Khashayar Govahi

    can you make a tutorial on turn the page? I'd appreciate it

  5. please teach us how to play Drain You by Nirvana

  6. Johnny Kirchens

    more acoustic lessons please 🙂

  7. Could you do Pearl Jam's Once, please?

  8. Joseph Freeman

    Can you make a tutorial on City on flame with rock and roll by blue oyster cult, everywhere I have looked it doesn't sound right. Please help!

  9. Please Carl do Moonlight shadow 😉

  10. diego sepulveda

    altitudes? great song

  11. There's not enough Bob Seger guitar tutorials on YouTube! Thanks for this 🙂

  12. hey Carl Please do This Ain't a Love Song by BonJovi! !

  13. ishowr shrestha

    blackend distorted solo???



  15. Hey carl could you please teach River of Deceit by Mad Season??

  16. 12345origamimaster

    4th love this video

  17. Gibson LimitCs

    First! 🙂

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