AIN’T MISBEHAVIN – Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody Jazz Guit Tutorial

Note for note explanation on AIN’T MISBEHAVIN – Chord Melody Tutorial || Fast & slow tempo. + TABS + Playalong available

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Ain’t Misbehavin is a jazz standard composed by Fats Waller. It’s one of the top 50 Standards every jazz guitarist should have in their repertoire.

In this jazz guitar lesson I teach you my chord melody arrangement of this great tune. I kept it in the original key of Eb.
I teach you all the Ain’t Misbehavin chords needed for the general song and weave the melody in between or on top of the chords. This is called chord melody playin or a guitar instrumental.

I’ve arranged this jazz guitar tutorial for intermediate players. It’s not that hard to play, but it’s not for beginners.
You are going to learn beautiful jazz guitar chords, from basic voicings to tension chords.
While my chord melody arrangement is not too hard to play it doesn’t sound bland either.

I explain every step of what I do. I show every fingering of the chord melody song.It’s important to me to show you what and why I chose certain chords for the underlying melody.

I’ve also made the Ain’t Misbehavin TABS for you to download and study. There is also a Guitar Pro version, so you can buy the PDF guitar tab or the Guitar Pro file tabs.
I also made two backing tracks. One is the regular tempo of 100bpm, the other is for you to start practicing Ain’t Misbehaving at a slower tempo of 70bpm. The two backing tracks can be purchased from one of the above linlks.

I hope you enjoy this chord melody guitar lesson of Ain’t Misbehavin and give it a thumbs up. Please share the knowledge!
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Love this tune! Your arrangement is perfect as always. Every time I here this song, in my mind, I hear George Burns singing it off key in his raspy voice. You're cranking out the videos the last couple weeks. I really dig it, and appreciate all of the hard work you put in for us wanna be jazz players.

  2. Great lesson and arrangement. Super easy to order your tabbed arrangement from PayPal. Very well done tutorial! Thanks!

  3. Beautifull playing Sandra,please show us the chords separately,Great lessons,you are teaching me jazz.

  4. Your covers are great!!!! You should do The Girl From Ipanema. I'm sure it would sound wonderdul

  5. Not bad Sandra. Exceedingly not bad! I love this tune. This tutorial is going to help me spruce up my dumbed-down arrangement.

  6. Been hitting the Schnapps for the extended summer, hey, Sandra? Bit hard to speak this time. Ha ha ha ha. Just kidding. 😉 Hope you're enjoying the warm days for now. 🙂

  7. Well done!…except for the first E dim chord…it's 10, 11, 9, 11 not 10, 11, 9, 10….you did it correctly but mis-spoke. 🙂

  8. Sandra, did you ever check out "Laura"?..I would love to see you teach that tune!

  9. Very Good…Great chords!..I learned some new ones from you!

  10. Hi Sandra, I know you're planning on doing a video series on building chord melody tunes in the near future.  What can you tell me about the course–how many videos, when you plan to start them, etc.?  Thanks, Bert

  11. Nice song, great lesson as always!!!

  12. Oha, grrreat 🙂

  13. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Wieder ein kleines Meisterwerk mehr!

  14. I've run out of accolades for you. So I'll just say… Thanks, and I hope your efforts are as good for you as they are for me.Now if I could only find the time.

  15. Beautiful!!!

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