Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee (Country Guitar Lesson)

Here’s a country guitar lesson on how to play the intro and guitar solo of Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee. It’s the Extended version (the one with the guitar solo).

The guitar part was recorded originally by Brent Mason.

You’ll find the backing track here:

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  1. HowTo: Music Lessons

    This is awesome!!!

  2. Very well

  3. Amazing teacher skills. Have you thought of teaching some blues licks?

  4. I've always wanted to learn that intro lick of backside of thirty

  5. Love your videos your are a awesome guitar picker. You think you could do a tutorial on John conleys back side of thirty

  6. I like how he starts out with a smile then straight into bad ass mode

  7. Ahhhh that is so very fine!!! You've got a strange country accent though…..LOL….

  8. christophe petitcafe

    nice piece would you have a tablature I would like to try to learn
    thank you so much I'm french

  9. banda de viento la victoria#pay pay

    Congratulation you are good

  10. Can I play these same chords on an acoustic guitar?

  11. Sei un grande Dario! Davvero bravo a suonare country!

  12. Ciao, ottima lesson, ma notavo l'ottimo lavoro sulla tastiera della chitarra? chi lo ha eseguito?

  13. This is the best guitar lesson site for Alan Jackson's Chattahoochee. Can you break down Clint Black's No Time To Kill?

  14. Nicely done!

  15. Excellent teacher. Thanks for sharing your time

  16. I would like to request a song by Southern Pacific called thing about you solo.

  17. Your lessons and playing are awesome. This really helped me improve my playing on this tune.

  18. hey man next time you teach one you should slow down a little bit

  19. Your lessons are amazing!!!! Keep it up!!!

  20. Feliperibeiro Vilar

    muito bom cara!!

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