Alan Jackson Chattahoochee Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Down by the river on a Friday… morning, I teach you guys how to play Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson on electric guitar! I’ll teach you guys the opening riff, chords and strumming pattern used to play the song. Check it out!

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  1. Hi sir
    I want to learn Jesus lamp of god will u teach us??? Sir

  2. Do Cuando by Daddy rock and One by Metallica

  3. I've been searching for a good lesson on how to play the intro too Neil Young's song "Tell Me Why" and it's hard to find a quality version. Could you please make a lesson? Your channel has the best quality of any guitar lesson channel on Youtube.

  4. Yes Marty! More country please

  5. please do the national anthem on guitar

  6. The Classic Rock and roll

    Hey marty you are the best guitar teacher there is and if it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be able to play the guitar so I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making these videos. And one quick question could you do a lesson on arctic monkeys do I wanna know. thanks marty.

  7. ihatecorndogsayylmao

    Do purple rain

  8. Philipp Liebmann

    Hey can you pls show us how to play „I shot the sheriff“ by Eric Clapton (the solo) Thank you ☺️

  9. Hey Marty! can you do endless nameless by Nirvana please!

  10. Hey Marty! can you do endless nameless by Nirvana please!

  11. Hi! I want to buy electric guitar and it is my first experience. Which guitar should I buy?

  12. Very very very good.

  13. Some tasty country playing here… something I need to learn. It's definitely a different feel involved than what I'm used to. Great lesson as usual! Ever tried any Cry of Love (the band) lessons? I love some Audley Freed playing.

  14. Banco Mundial Criptomoeda

    Sou aqui do Brasil, seu fã. Passe o tutorial do Rod Stewart, a música Baby Jane, grande clássico! Um grande abraço!

  15. Halfdan The Black

    I would like to see your tutorial on Under the graveyard from Ozzy

  16. AwesomeGamer 1260

    Marty could you please do Then Came the Last Days of May plz

  17. Great song! Sounds awesome on your 335! More Alan Jackson please! She’s Got the Rhythm or Don’t Rock the Juke Box

  18. Please do a tutorial for "Hero" by Chad Kroeger ft Josey Scott

  19. Self esteem by the off spring!!!!! Plzzzzzzz

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