Albatross Lesson 1: Cover Demo – Fleetwood Mac Peter Green – Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-379)

In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, featuring the legend that is Peter Green 🙂 Lesson ID ST-379.

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  1. I first heard this song when I was 8 years old at junior school. Absolutely haunting… Thanks for doing this Justin!

  2. nice one thanks for the lesson

  3. fkn brilliant

  4. Great Justin, you learned me a lot of songs!

  5. This is a wonderfull tutorial, as always 😀 Thank you very much for this marvelous song!

  6. The chord after the A is not an Abm, it is an Emaj7, so you have to lower the note on the D string to an E.

  7. You play well

  8. that was nice

  9. The original recording has much more going on than might be, at first, apparent-like 3 guitar players, slide parts in addition to Peter Green's tasty 'lead' parts, good to see this being taught so nicely.

  10. thanks a subscriber and a HUGE kirwan fan,,,im glad you appreciate his skills….

  11. Rachelstorrersings

    So pretty one of my fav's!!!

  12. hi Justin as this is a 2 guitar song would it be possible to play on your own on acoustic

  13. Nice tune, I'd want to the lead melodies on a Hawaiian slide, give it an island feel, it feels like an island song to me

  14. U should do lesson for this one awesome cover down to a t

  15. Richard from Cornwall

    Hi Justin! I'm a beginner and trying to run before I can walk but, having said that, I click on any tutorial for Fleetwood Mac tunes, particularly the earlier ones involving Peter Green as my cousin was a part of the band in those earlier days!! Keep it up and thank you

  16. Some Entitlement issues

    No lesson on this bro?

  17. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Great lesson and to practise it Thursday with my Trio (2 guitars and a dog house bass)

    Greets from Germany

    Btw. I play it on a 3 PU Tele.
    Bridge H and neck S position throug a Bluesdriver Pedal, a bit Delay and Reverb Pedal.
    Amp is a modified Fender Frontman 12" Speaker. Clean channel and Reverb up to 8.

    I can tell you it sounds spine shivering 🙂

  18. beautiful tone

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